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Our specialization

Mineral specimens

We offer online mineral specimens from worldwide locations,from Russia,Pakistan,China or other countries.

In our online stock we have all sizes,from thumbnails to large cabinets.

Looking for Fluorite,Quartz,Aquamarine,

Emerald,Pyromorphite,Scheelite....or any other specimen

go to our store and check our catalog.

Moldavite (czech called "Vltavin")

this Mystic stone comes only from Czech republic

Moldavites were formed about 14.7 million years ago during the impact of a large meteorite

We offer genuine real Moldavites in our store,all various shapes and sizes.Pieces for healing,jewelry or collections.

Moldavite jewelry

We offer online Moldavite jewelry,pendants,earrings,bracelets,rings,simply drilled pieces,etc.

Our jewelry store is located at url www.PENDANT-WORLD.COM

We provide economy and safe worldwide shipping.

Other crystal and stone jewelry

Looking for unique gift ?

We offer jewelry combined with crystals and other semiprecious stones for very reasonable prices.

Meteorite,Tansanite,Sugilite,Ruby,Emerald,Sapphire and many other minerals or crystals.


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The amount of professionalism displayed through the workings of David and is unreal and I have not found anything comparable since i started doing business with the company and David over a year ago.

In this realtionship with the company and David I have aquired many exotic specimens, which I never would have been able to get my hands on other wise especially at the price.

Ian Wamhoff,Colorado,USA

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My order arrived today in perfect condition, as always. The epidote with quartz is amazing and went in my 'favorites' case. (I think all my favorites are from you!)

The shark tooth is huge and I'm pleased as well with dolomite/quartz. Excellent service-it's always a pleasure to buy from you! Thanks!

Lynn H.,Spanaway,WA

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